Great Retro/Vintage Sale located in the heart of Uptown in a house filled with unique pieces from so many fun eras!

(Home for sale soon!)

Tons of vintage/MCM glassware sets, vintage games,1970's SEA RAIDER arcade game,  antique furs, Asian wall screens/statues, vintage Coca-Cola, Marlboro, Camel, Salem, Winston items, antique refrigerator and refrigerator, hand tools, power tools, full cleaning supplies, antique end tables, dressers and dining set, MCXM wallpaper, Unicorns!, plants, planters, vintage jackets, bags, Pyrex, Tupper-ware, TONS OF VINYL RECORDS, record players and speakers, books, Peanuts memorabilia, Austin Powers memorabilia, Lamps, antique clocks, vintage Disney, tons of hollow form holiday decorations, linens and towels, player piano in great condition with lots of music rolls, Christmas ornaments and mercury glass, vintage fans and cabinets, lamp globes, fake fruit, woven baskets, holiday lights, posters, vintage tins, wrapping paper, shells, marbles and even a cactus or two!